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Employment & social affairs

Labour Law

  • Protection of specific categories of workers (fixed-term work, temporary agency work, part-time work, platform work…..)
  • Working conditions (transfer of undertakings, working time, teleworking, posted workers, employment of record)

Moving & Working in the EU

  • Free movement of workers
  • Posting of workers

Social Security Coordination

  • Application of the social security coordination regulations and ECJ case-law, to any situation involves a cross-border element

Justice and Fundamental rights

Free movement of persons

  • Free movement of Europeans citizens within the EU

Immigration and rights of nationals of non-EU countries :

  • EU Visa policy (short-stays visas)
  • Immigration and rights of nationals of non-EU countries :
  • Marriage and legal cohabitation
  • Family reunification
  • Rights of residence derived from a durable relationship with an EU citizen
  • Permanent residence
  • Nationality
Private immigraiton law
  • Right of entry
  • Right of work for employed and self-employed individuals
  • Right of residence
  • Audit of immigration policies
Corporate immigration law

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